We invite you to commit to making kindness the foundation of all your interactions. How we treat others is a personal choice and if each of us become resolute in our desire to demonstrate kindness, tensions will be reduced, people will feel valued, and doors of communication will be opened. It all starts with our actions toward others. The success of Resolution: Kindness rests in the choices we each make and the actions of those choices. Remember it really is simple - smile, listen, encourage, help, & say thank you.

How to get involved

To continue the momentum of this kindness movement, we need you to take specific steps now!

  1. As an individual, post your support for Resolution: Kindness on this website today by filling out the form below.

  2. Tell your friends, and post on social media your involvement with RK.

  3. If you are a parent, talk to your student's teacher or principal and see about bringing RK to your school.

  4. If you own a business, sign up as a partner and we will keep you posted on upcoming events. Order your RK material and post it in a prominent location at your business.

  5. Contact your city leaders and let them know you want to see RK come to your community.

As you take deliberate steps of kindness, tell us about it. Click here to share your story and it will be posted on this website so we can all be encouraged and witness the power of kindness.

If you want to take the impact of your kindness further, make a donation. 100% of donations will be used for the production of Resolution: Kindness materials.

Thank you for joining the movement.


I Choose Kindness

Make your decision to choose kindness known. Enter your name and information below and we'll post your name and city here on the website as a public choice of kindness.

Enter the first names (and last names if you choose) of yourself and/or those in your group who choose kindness.
This information is for us only, and will not be posted on this site.
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