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Resolution: Kindness is a movement to bring civility, understanding, and personal value to our cultural conversations through simple expressions of kindness that each of us has within our power.


R E S • O • L U • T I O N
1: firm decision to do or not to do something;
2: the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.

The purpose of Resolution: Kindness is twofold. Primarily, each of us can make a firm decision to act in kindness toward others. As a result, the power of kindness brings about healing and understanding, which are much needed in our culture today.



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We Choose Kindness

Below are the names of those who are declaring their decision to choose kindness first.
To do the same, fill out the form here and you will be added to the list!

Elli Fagliano
Beaverton, Oregon

Shelby Hendrick
Hillsboro, Oregon

Ciera Highsmith
Huslia, Alaska

Mandy Lighthart
Omaha, Nebraska

Los Angeles, California

Alex Mason
Beaverton, Oregon

Joel Mason
Beaverton, Oregon

Nathanael Mason
Beaverton, Oregon

René Reed Mason
Beaverton, Oregon

Carolyn McCormick
Tigard, Oregon

Austin Riedeman
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Danielle Riedeman
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jill Rulis
Forest Grove, Oregon

Nicole Russell
Hillsboro, Oregon

Rob Russell
Hillsboro, Oregon

Nicholas Stone
Duluth, Minnesota

Gary Thorson
Sisters, Oregon

Lisa Thorson
Sisters, Oregon